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Winter 2017
MIT Hacking Arts

Julian Siegelmann


Part is a public digital art platform built using augmented reality that allows users to create, share and discover public art in the built environment

At MIT Hacking Arts in 2017, Julian and I set out to work on Part - envisioned as a digital public art layer on our real world. The idea was simple - to leverage augmented reality to allow the public to create, share and experience art in the public domain.

We wanted to enable public digital expression in the built environment and we aimed to make our technology available for:

private citizens to create digital art within their local community

corporations to engage with local creatives and build relevant AR content

During the hackathon, we developed the idea, business model and initial prototypes for Part. For our efforts, we were adjudged one of the 8 finalist teams at MIT Hacking Arts 2017. We continue to work on Part, to differentiate our business and develop it into a fully featured platform.


For Users:


Pre-designed building blocks allow users to create without artistic and technological expertise


Users’ art is geo-tagged, creatively adding to and engaging with their environment


Users can share, up-vote and follow each other, manifesting digital art in the physical world

For Institutions:


Institutions can engage with existing creative community to understand tastes and stay in touch


User data gives insights as to where, how and why individuals create AR artworks to better create immersive branded experiences


AR experiences are not bounded by physical limitations and open up new possibilities of customer interaction