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Winter 2017
Cambridge, Massachussetts


Built using Ruby on Rails, this portfolio website consists of a built-from-scratch frontend and backend creating a basic content management system.

For my new portfolio, I wanted to move from my previous Squarespace site (link) to a custom-built frontend and backend which I could control and customize more effectively. The project would also be a good exercise to brush up my web development and design skills. 

I used Ruby on Rails (typical MVC architecture) to build the backend - using models for projects, media, tag, people. For the front end, I wanted to have an extremely minimalist look. Inspired by artwork as displayed in galleries, I created a Horizontal scrolling layout (in-hindsight a bad idea) to display the projects. 

Further, I used javascript and jquery for animations, transitions, and other interactive features. 

Please feel free to leave feedback at my email ( about thoughts, opinions and any bugs you might find on the website