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Fall 2017
Graduate School of Design, Harvard University

Joshua Smith , Eric de Broche des Combes

Jenny Fan , Julian Siegelmann


Thea is a video game which follows the story of a young girl in search of water in a post-apocalyptic wasteland

Thea is a single-player narrative game for Oculus/PC, developed in Unity 2017.2 with assets modeled in Blender and Cinema 4D.

You play as Thea, a young girl who lives at the edge of the desert in a small village that has had their already limited water supply threatened. The situation has gotten dire, and you are sent to find water and save your village.

World: 1x1 km desert outdoor landscape with various mountains, canyons, crevices, and valleys

Object Types: Various desert-themed flora and fauna, including dried wood, cactuses, dogs, and wolves. Some otherworldly shelters are sprinkled in the background.

Control: User can navigate with arrows and pick up objects as to accomplish gameplay tasks with [space].